Kimm Massey, Esq. is a graduate of Harvard Law School, who has almost thirty years of experience practicing law.  Her background includes litigation work for large multinational corporate law firms and serving as an Appeals Officer for the federal government.  She also served as an Independent Special Education Hearing Officer for the District of Columbia government for more than 7 years.

Attorney Massey’s current private practice focuses on Veterans’ Appeals, Special Education cases and training, Personal Injury/Automobile Accidents, and non-pandemic Vaccine Injury claims.

For Veterans’ Appeals, working with veterans whose claims for disability benefits have been denied, Attorney Massey has been designated an Accredited Attorney by the Department of Veteran Affairs and she has been admitted to practice before the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, so she is qualified to handle appeals before VA Regional Offices, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and the Court. Massey Law Group has an outstanding success rate for winning veterans’ appeals!

As a special education attorney, Ms. Massey currently represents parents and their children who need extra help in elementary, middle and high schools located throughout Washington, DC and the State of Maryland. She represents children who are not receiving extra services in school but need more help, as well as children who are receiving special education services that are not fully meeting their needs. Attorney Massey has more than 15 years of experience in special education law, and her track record includes successes both the administrative due process and federal court levels!”

As a personal injury lawyer handling automobile accident and medical malpractice cases, Attorney Massey has helped her clients who have been injured by the negligent acts of others recover more than $1.5 million in compensation. In doing so, Ms. Massey has successfully negotiated settlements with every major insurance company in the United States of America.

For vaccine injury claims, Attorney Massey helps her clients obtain compensation for infants, adolescents, and adults who have suffered injuries, disabilities, illnesses, adverse conditions and death as a result of the administration of one or more vaccinations, including but not limited to flu/seasonal influenza shots, tetanus shots, vaccinations for measles, mumps and rubella, vaccinations for polio, hepatitis vaccines, HPV vaccines, and meningococcal vaccinations. 

Attorney Kimm Massey has been admitted to the Bars of Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  She has also been admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, the United States Court of Federal Claims, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims.

Massey Law Group works with veterans located throughout the United States in all 50 states, as well as veterans of the U.S. Military who are currently living abroad. We also work with vaccine injury clients located in all 50 states. However, for personal injury/automobile accident cases and special education cases, we only work with clients located in the State of Maryland or the District of Columbia.