Massey Law Group works extensively on Personal Injury matters, which include automobile accidents, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases.  We also work extensively on Special Education cases and Vaccine Injury claims.

Before talking to the insurance company adjuster, request a free consultation with our  accident attorneys to make sure you understand you obtain everything you deserve.

When a patient or other person is harmed by this medical negligence, he or she has the right to sue the careless professionals and facilities over the harm that results.

If your child is struggling in school with poor grades, an inability to read, behavior problems, repeated suspensions, special needs, or other academic problems, call for a free consultation. You may qualify for free or reduced fee legal services.

Sometimes, the administration of vaccinations results in injuries, disabilities, illnesses, conditions, and even death. In many of these cases, the patient is entitled to compensation for the injuries resulting from the vaccines.